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Pardis Noor department

Comprehensive Medical Imaging Center Pardis Noor is composed of the following sections : 1.5 Tesla MRI ,Multi Slice CT Scan , Digital Radiology , Digital Mammography , Digital Panorex , Digital Cephalometry , Peri Apical , Bone Densitometry , Digital Sonography , Interventional Radiology , Nuclear Medicine

بخش رادیولوژی

MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the advanced medical imaging methods. Using this method, the images of bodies internal tissues can be seen and thereby, the problems and diseases of the body members can be detected. X-ray is not used…...

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Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) BMD is and X-ray imaging technique for determining the stiffuness, hardness, and tightness of the bones. There are different Ways for measuring bone density, but the most common method is the use of DEXA. DEXA DEXA…...

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mammography Mammography is one of the most important, effective ways for detecting breasts cancer, especially in the early stage of the disease. One of the most effective ways for fighting this disease in to diagnose it in the early stages.…...

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Digital Radiology Radiology is one of the X-ray medial imaging techniques that prepares the required image by radiating X-ray to the target area of the body. Radiography has different types the most basic type of which is simple radiography. Recently,…...

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Ultrasound  Sonography is an imaging technique with almost no harm to the body which is also called ultrasound.     As we know, in X-ray imaging methods such as simple X-ray or CT scan, the body is exposed to a…...

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    Computed Tomography (CT) Scan CT scan is one of the advanced medical imaging techniques. After plain radiography, CT scan has made the greatest contribution to the assessment of the human bodies motor system lesion. Nowadays, CT scan has…...

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This device provides suitable conditions for imaging even of children by ability to adjust different positions, change the contrast, brightness, and gamma-ray. Sensors used in this device are CT-type sensors that have a major and direct effect on increasing the…...

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بخش رادیوتراپی

بخش رادیوتراپی Radiotheraphy رادیوتراپی بکارگیری پرتوهای یونیزان (ایکس، گاما، الکترون و…)  با هدف از بین بردن سلولهای بدخیم و جلوگيري از انتشار آنها و در برخي موارد براي درمان توده های خوش خیم، با  کمترین آسیب رسانی به بافتهای سالم اطراف…...

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بخش کموتراپی

بخش اینترونشنال رادیولوژی

Interventional Radiology Interventional radiology, briefly referred to as IR, is a specialized field of radiology performed with the help of (CT, ultrasound, MRI, fluoroscopy) devices and special techniques and the doctor’s required expertise and skills, and diagnosis and treatment of…...

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بخش پزشکی هسته ای

Nuclear medicine Nuclear medicine is the science of diagnosis and treatment of diseases with radioactive substances. Radiopharmaceuticals are similar to the molecules within the body and are traceable from the outside of the body. So, after administration of radiopharmaceuticals, different…...

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Pardis Noor Clinic

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Pardis Noor medical imaging centers including nuclear medicine and interventional clinics, with highly experienced staff of medical university professors in which have subspecialties and fellowships, provide the latest, novel diagnostic and therapeutic services to the respected clients. This has caused considerable differnt trust of their clients to Pardis Noor medical imaging and therapeutic centers.
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