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CT Angiography of the Heart 

What is CT Angiography of the heart? 

Given the importance of the heart as one of the most important organs in the body and also due to its being not easily accessible as well as the diseases that threaten this organ, the necessity of controling the health of this organ has become of interest. This allows physicians to evaluate heart conditions completely in terms of shape, appearance, and performance without any direct access. 
The most advanced scientific technologies in this field include imaging using multi-slice CT scan. This device is designed with specific capabilities for imaging of the coronary artery in addition to conventional CT scan. 

What are the applications of CT Angiography of the heart?

Diagnosis of coronary heart diseae in people with low or moderate risk factors; risk factors include age (men over 45 and women over 55), history of heart disease in the family, high blood fat (cholesterol and triglycerides), smoking, hypertension, diabetes, stress, tension, etc. 

Evaluation of previous arteries by balloon (angioplasty) and previous stenting
Diagnosis of congenital heart 
Determination of the status of patients who have test results suspected with cardiovascular disease (such as exercise test - nuclear medicine clinical and suspicious clinical signs, etc). 

The cases of diagnosis with CT Angiography of coronary heart arteries: 

Diagnosis of ischemic heart disease 
Diagnosis of early stage of coronary arteries plaques and its amount 
Evalustion of the condition of coronary arteries in terms of stenosis and its percentage 
Evaluation and follow-up of the condition after coronary artery bypass surgery and endovascular stents 
Evaluation of other parts of the heart including the ventricles, atria, valves and heart surrounding structures 
Evaluation of heart performance and measurement of its contraction intensity 
Evaluation of the heart wall motion and valve function 

Accuracy of CT Angiography of coronary artery and its difference with conventional angiography: 

The accuracy of this method in confirming the health of coronary artery is between 95% and 100%. 
It is a completely non-invasive method with no need for inserting a catheter into the artery and hospitalization. It is performed in a few seconds only with intravenous injection. Thanks to its simplicity, this method will not cause any anxiety in the patients. 
In cases where CT Angiography confirms the health of the coronary artery, there is no need for conventional angiography. 
In cases where CT Angiography shows coronary artery stenosis, conventional angiography may be required as the next action. 

What is the procedure? 

First, you should fill in the personal data form and deliver it to the person in charge at reception. The exact answer to these questions can help us evaluate your situation. 
* If you have any heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias), you should notify the relevant person in charge. 
* Your heart rate is measured by the device and, if necessary, heart rate-lowering pills will be used. 
* During the test, heart rate monitor will be connected to you and you will be asked to hold your breath for 10 to 15 seconds. In the second stage, the intravenous injection of a contrast agent will be performed. 
* After the test and making sure of your health condition, you can leave the clinic in 15 minutes. 


 Is there any need for rest of hospitalization after CT angiography? 

No. You can return to your normal activities immediately. 

What preparations are needed for CT angiography of the heart? 

Do not take any food or liquids 3 hours before the test and do not drink tea of coffee 6 hours before the test. 

Should the patients stop any medication before the test? 

No, the patients could take their medicines as usual and there is no need to stop any drug other Metformin. 

Is there any need to bring the previous medical records and tests? 

Yes, tests and medical records will be taken from you before the test and will be returned to you along with the test result.
Is there any need to prepare any special medicines or tools? 

Yes, when booking the appointment, necessary information will be presented to you regarding the preparation of the required medicines. 

Is there any need to bring a companion? 

No, there is no need to bring any companion for test, and immediately after the test, you can return to your normal activities. 
 Could we directly attend for CT angiography of the heart? 

Before making any decision, it is recommended to see to your doctor and after the initial examination and tests, your need for the test will be evaluated. If necessary, you can consult with specialists in the clinic. 

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