mri guided biopsy of breast lesions

for the first time , the MRI-guided breast biopsy service was started in pardis noor medical imaging center . 
in this method , the breast tissue biopsy will be done under the guide of MRI .
the anatomical localization of lesions is determined by imaging and then the biopsy needle is inserted for tissue sample removing .
this technique is less invasive than operation and in compare with mammography has no ionizing radiation and the patient recovers in less time .

in additional , the high accuracy of the MRI imaging causes to be recognized tiny lesions and tumors in breast tissue which arent recognizable in mammography . the approximate time of this biopsy is 30 minutes .
The prevalent applications of MRI-guided breast biopsy are :

The suspicious lesions which arent diagnosed by other techniques . 
The dispersive tissue lesions
The abnormal tissue changes 

This method doesnt need patient be anesthetized and only local anesthesia is okay . 

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