Workshops for the treatment of varicose veins with medical adhesive

New treatment methods for varicose veins including laser, radio-frequency , and foam sclerotherapy have substituted for surgical procedures for the treatment of varicose veins. Today , few patients need surgery for treating varicose veins .
The last presented method is the use of medical adhesive that offers advantages compared with other treatment methods , including :
1.No need for an injection of anesthetic around the vein
2. It may be applied to both legs in a session
3. Lack of pain and inflammatory reactions in the varicose veins after the treatment
4. Very short time of operation

This workshop was held in cooperation with ... Company and … Company in Turkey. While presenting a lecture and introducing this technique, two experts in this field who were from Turkey first treated a patient by this method. Then , PardisNoor partners treated 2 patients using this method. 
This workshop was welcomed by the relevant experts and more than 20 people participated in this one-day workshop.
It should be noted that this technique has been used for the first time in Iran. Moreover, it is one of the new techniques with less than a month going by since the certificate was obtained in the USA.

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