For the first time, liver fat measurement by MRI in Pardise Noor Medical Imaging Center

Fatty liver 

Fatty liver or steatosis is a general term for referring to fat accumulation in the liver. The existence of fat in the liver is normal, but if it exceeds 5 to 10 percent of the total weight of the liver, the individual has the fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is a curable disease.

Liver fat evaluation by MRI

At present, imaging via MRI is the most accurate, considerable imaging method for assessing the fatty liver condition and measures liver fat content. Based on the existing standards for grading fat storage , MRI , as a non-invasive imaging method , is more accurate than other imaging methods in the assessment of liver fat storage and enjoys a special advantage.

This imaging method was used this year in PardisNoor Medical Imaging Center for the first time in Tehran. In this method , using several imaging modes and necessary calculations , fat percentage in liver cells can be quantitatively determined.

The determination of the quantitative amount of fat in the liver can have an effective role in evaluating the effectiveness of treatment methods.

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