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Cancer (tumor), kidney

One of 10 between 50 and 70 years is a serious disease that is more common and is the most common malignant diseases and cancers, including malignant disease becomes 2 to 4% of the Urology is one of the three diseases.

More men than women (60%) of those infected. Cigarette smoking as a major role in its creation Dard.avlyn Blood in the urine is usually a sign that a tumor in an ultrasound when the doctor finds. Later with the advent of abdominal pain, flank pain is accompanied. Often treated with complete removal of the kidney. Other treatments are often not needed.

The cause of kidney cancer:

I Dhd.aynk·h why some cancer cells, however, remains unclear and multiply. It certainly would not be the cause, but the complex factors merged together and lead to cancer.
tobacco use (smoking) in Ayjadsrtan all a big role. (25 to 30%)
Weight gain, especially in women
occupations with exposure to asbestos and cadmium are
In dialysis patients, the possibility of developing kidney cancer, due to large cysts, 30 which is equal to about 6% of the time they are diagnosed with kidney cancer.
Renal transplantation in patients raises risk of kidney cancer.
Genetic factors occurred infrequently (1%), which often occurs early in the second kidney.

Please refrain from smoking.
Proper and healthy diet

One-sided flank pain
Blood in the urine
Feeling of pressure in abdomen
High blood pressure
Fatigue Headache
The declining ability of the body

Of course, each of these symptoms can be signs of other diseases.

Ways of knowing:
Cysts and tumors are diagnosed with ultrasound sonography.
• CT scan with anesthesia and malignant or optimistic about it.
Laboratory tests (blood and urine tests) when it was revealed that the tumor, the next step is to determine whether or not connected to bone? The renal function checked. With angiography, blood vessels of the abdomen Shvd.svnvgrafy review shows that the spread to the liver?
Chest X-rays can show that the lungs were also involved? CT scan of the brain is rarely necessary.
Only a sampling of the tumor after surgery and pathology tests revealed that the lymphoid tissue, or other body parts involved or not?

Chance of recovery:
Varies soon be recognized as a higher chance of recovery. (95%)

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