What should be done to prepare yourself before the exam?

Test day: on that day, please do not eat solid food for 4 hours before the time of CT scan. You can also light liquids such as coffee, tea, broth, soup or juice during this time reasonably simple and common use. Solid food lack of detail in order to avoid having heavy stomach before a medical procedure is a simple precaution.

How is liver cancer?

This work was performed under local anesthesia, first through the femoral artery into the hepatic artery for Cutter and after hepatic artery angiography and determination of the arteries supplying blood to the tumor, chemotherapy drug Shvdv led cutter into the artery, together with blocking vessel is injected into the body....

How will you develop signs of liver tumors after surgery؟

Feel pain after surgery, usually "based on the location and extent of the injury will respond to housing will be on hand.

Mild fever, sometimes up to a week postoperative nausea and vomiting there are drugs in the time after the injection, but you will be having nausea after normal operation. (Chemotherapy gag reflex for is )

These symptoms are normal after Kmvambvlyzasyvn. But in case of sudden change and increase of fever, chills, or pain is unbearable, you "let your health care provider.

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