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Radiofrequency Ablation Of  Endometrial

This is an ablation technique with radio waves with highly significant results in medicine and treatment such as ablation of malignant lesions in the liver, lung, bone, breast etc. Another use of RF is endometrial ablation (endometrium) or the ablation of fibroids. 

Endometrial ablation with radio-waves 
Most women are faced with, sometimes unnatural, pain and heavy bleeding during menstrual period. In the past, the only treatment method was to use hormone or removal of the uterus. However, nowadays, the treatment can be performed using RF technique and the endometrium can be destroyed with very low side effects as an outpatient procedure. 

How is radio-frequency ablation performed? 

To burn the lining of the uterus, special electrodes (needles RF) inserted through the vagina into the uterus that the electrode has a higher temperature causes burning of the inner lining of the uterus.

RF is preferred over surgery

To ablate the endometrium in a very short time of about 90 seconds as an outpatient procedure. This surgery is performed under a very light anesthesia and, in the shortest time, the patient can return to daily activities. 
However, in other methods such as the use of hormones, curettage and hysterectomy, the response to the therapy is weak and the treatment will take very long to respond. 

Women who are candidates for this surgery are those who: 

1. Have had long menstrual periods 
2. Have abnormally excessive bleeding 
Because these facts disrupt the daily activities and the symptoms are fating and anemia. 

Duration of surgery 
This surgery will take about 90 seconds at the doctors discretion. The patients will be able to return to their daily activities 48 hours after the surgery. 
After this surgery, uterine rupture will be tested by electrodes. 


This surgery requires anesthesia because endometrial ablation will be performed with radio waves at high temperatures which is intolerable for the patient. Thus, light anesthesia is required. 

Required preparations for radio-frequency ablation of the uterus 

Fasting about 6 hours before the surgery 
Shower and shaving the surgical area 
Having the patients medical records related to the disease 
Having a companion to do the paperworks 


Endometrial ablation is not a definite treatment. That is because some part of the uterine lining may be left non-ablated, causing recurrence and minor bleeding. This will be checked in the next controls and re-ablated, if necessary. 

Post-operative hospitalization

This surgery usually performed on an outpatient basis and the patient will be discharged in 3 to 4 hours. Depending on the patients condition, he/she may require hospitalization for 24 hours which will be performed, if necessary. 

Post-operative symptoms

After the operation, the patient will feel pain in the uterus which is normal up to 48 hours. 

Treatment follow-up 

The patient should attend the clinic one month after RF surgery for check-up and the next controls. 

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