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What is amniocentesis? 

Amnion is the fluid surrounding the fetus, which is examined in some cases for diagnosing genetic disorder. The most appropriate gestational age for amniocentesis is 14 weeks. Biopsy is not recommended at gestational age of less than 14 weeks. 

How amniocentesis is performed

Amniocentesis is performed through the abdomen skin. First, fetal heart rate will be checked and, then, biopsy needle will be inserted into the gestational sac under ultrasound guidance and 20cc of aspirated fluid around the fetus will be biopsied and sent to the laboratory for examination. It should be noted that this procedure is performed without anesthesia or even analgesia. It is painless and after biopsy, there is no need for hospitalization. 

Amniocentesis complications 

One of the complications of amniocentesis is pierced gestational sac and runny nose, which can be resolved with rest ans, in rare cases, it causes miscarriage. 

Required preparation for performing amniocentesis 

Removal of abdominal hair 
Having the laboratorys introduction letter 
Having a companion to do the paperwork 
CVS sampling of the placenta 

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