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Sampling or Biopsy 

In cases where the origin or nature of the lesion is not identified, a biopsy of the lesion is required. 
In the recent decade, biopsy is performed by non-surgical procedures. Sampling or biopsy will be performed guided by ultrasound or CT scan and inserting the biopsy needle into the lesion. This procedure does not require anesthesia or hospitalization. It is performed with local anesthesia and as an outpatient procedure and different areas such as the liver, lung, bone, prostate, lymph, breast, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, etc., can be biopsied through this method. 

Lung Biopsy 

Liver Biopsy 

Kidney Biopsy 

Pancreas Biopsy 

Breast Biopsy 

Vertebral Biopsy 

Prostate Biopsy 

Thyroid Biopsy 

Preparations for biopsy : 

Having the medical records related to the imaging 
Fasting for 3 hours 
Having blood coagulation test results 
Having a companion to do the paperwork 

It has the risk of bleeding and infection. However, in the event of hypotension or severe pain in the area, the doctor should be informed and necessary measures should be taken. 
In case of fever and chills after biopsy, the doctor should be informed and necessary measures should be taken. 


 After delivery of the sample from the clinic, you will be sent along with the doctors request letter to the pathology ward for the evaluation of samples. 
 After receiving the pathology result, you should see your doctor for determining what type of treatment you need. 

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