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Left gastric artery embolization for weight loss 

The problem of obesity

Today, a lot of people of all ages suffer from overweight and obesity. Many people have overweight from the very childhood, and some become overweight or obese over time due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise. 

The obesity problem result from the increased use of unhealthy and high-calorie foods and lack of movement followed by full-time use of vehicles. 

Most people who are overweight and have decided to lose weight are looking for an easy solution, such as taking a variety of anorexia pills, gastric balloon, gastric bypass, lipolysis, liposuction, etc., all of which contribute to weight loss but have their own side effects. 

Complications of overweight or obesity 

New treatment for losing weight 

One of the newest treatment methods for losing weight, which is performed on an outpatient basis without anesthesia is left gastric artery embolization, which decreases appetite in obese people and ultimately leads to weight loss. 

Left gastric artery embolization

Stomach is a muscular bag and a place for storing and digesting food. The more high-calorie foods we use, the more fat the human body absorbs. Left gastric artery embolization will be performed with local anesthesia under the guidance of imaging devices. That is, first, a catheter will be inserted into the left gastric artery through the right groin. Then, after angiography, the combined blockers will be injected into the left gastric artery. 

The obstruction of this artery prevents the production of ghrelin hormone in the body. 

This hormone is responsible for feelings of hunger in humans. 

After this surgery, the catheter insertion site will be compressed to prevent bleeding from groin. 

Left gastric artery embolization for weight loss may be an effective, appropriate method in the future for the loss of appetite in obese individuals to help them get to their desired weight because, by reducing the appetite, the individual will not feel hungry. 

Interventional radiologist have recently used this procedure for treating the obesity problem and have so far achieved very good, effective result. 

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