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Thyroid nodules 

Lumps on the thyroid gland are called thyroid nodules. Most nodules are non-cancerous and do not require any treatment. 
However, in some cases, thyroid nodules can produce large amount of hormones that lead to thyroid gland dysfunction. 

Symptoms of thyroid nodules:

Feeling pain in the throat 
Difficulty in swallowing 
Difficulty in breathing 
Causing nervous states, palpitations, excessive sweating 
Fatigue, depression 

Diagnosis methods: 

Blood test 
Performing ultrasound and, if necessary, CT scan or nodular scan 
FNA biopsy 

Thyroid Biopsy (FNA) 

Needle biopsy of thyroid nodules is usually performed after the examination of endocrinologist. However, in cases where these nodules are small or not easily palpable or are placed deep in the thyroid tissue, samples are taken from these nodules using biopsy needles under the guidance of ultrasound. 

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